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Candidates Pledge

Democratic Pledge to the People

Support your NMI Democrats!

Note: Contributions are not tax deductible.

  1. We believe that public office is a public trust. We will hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest ethical standards, and will abide faithfully by the oath of office and the CNMI Government Ethics Code.

  2. We will diligently attend and participate in legislative sessions and committee meetings.

  3. We will collaborate in the performance of our duties, including drafting, sponsoring, reviewing, deliberating, and deciding on legislation that puts the people of the Commonwealth first above all special interests.

  4. We will support legislative rules that require all members to maintain records and publish quarterly reports of their expenditures.

  5. We will regularly report to the people and welcome their feedback through community outreach and engagement, including but not limited to, public hearings, town hall meetings, and social media.

  6. We will ensure that public funds are only spent on public purposes, including all funds allocated to our individual public offices for operational expenses.

  7. We will work to improve the fiscal responsibility, performance, and efficiency of our government. 

  8. We will limit travel only to vitally important government purposes, and will report to the people after travel is performed.

  9. We will work to develop a diversified and sustainable economy that will improve the standard of living for all of our people.

  10. We will support fairness, transparency, and accountability in government hiring and contracting.

  11. We will support the growth and development of locally-owned small businesses. 

  12. We will work to strengthen the Personnel Service System to ensure fairness and due process, support employee morale, and reward excellence in public service.

  13. We will support increased investments in our Commonwealth's healthcare system, and will work to expand access to affordable and quality healthcare for all CNMI residents.

  14. We will require quarterly reports from each executive department which shall provide and include expenditures, travel, performance and ways to help the economy.

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